About me

Chevel Shepherd

Season 15 Winner of NBC’s The Voice being just 16 years old, Chevel constantly impresses people with her powerful voice given her age and petite stature. She was raised on country music and the outdoors - often doing crafts, feeding the animals and fixing up cars with her dad. Since Chevel was eight, she started singing on the radio around Florida, Colorado and Farmington, NM. Every Friday morning her dad and mom would drive her to the radio station before school and she would sing live. As Chevel got older she sang everywhere taking every opportunity. She loves country music and feels so blessed to be living her dreams and spreading her love of music to all her fans. She loves spending time with her family and friends and has had many amazing experiences since the Voice. Chevel has had big dreams ever since she was a little girl such as singing at the Grand Ole Opry, Recieving Grammys, Putting out albums, and touring nation wide. Chevel is on her way to achieving those goals and hopes to achieve them soon.


When I started


I started singing when I was 2 years old. I followed in my mom, and sisters footsteps! I've been singing my whole life.

How I grew


I started taking every opportunity I could get. I started singing on the radio when I was 8, made a mini CD when I was 9, and took every gig I could get!

The Voice


I always wanted to be on a singing TV show since I was little. I fell in love with The Voice and took the chance and auditioned!

My Future Plan


I want to start writing my own songs, and make albums. I want to tour across the country spreading my love and passion for music. I want to live my dream and hopefully show others that anything is possible.